447 Church St, Richmond

Phone (03) 9429 5066



Trading Hours:

Saturday - Thursday: 4pm - LATE

Friday: 12pm - LATE



Welcome to the GB...

The Great Britain Hotel, or 'GB' as it is more affectionately known, is a beautiful pub that has been living in Richmond for many a year. It's history is one of many tales. Some are still amazed how they came out alive! These days it is just a great friendly place to hang your hat and have a few drinks with friends.

The GB has been a keen supporter of live Melbourne music for decades, and we see no reason to stop, hosting original bands 3 nights a week.

As for nibbles, we order in delicious Pizzas and Thai food from neighbouring restaurants.

Couches you could sink into for days, a big floral beer garden, a cosy fireplace to curl up to, pool table and a pinnie to get your game on, 15 Australian brews on tap (no Carlton), and at the heart, kind lovable bar staff. Any night of the week, the GB is a great place.